March 2014

Wyno & Lieze’s Engagement at Makaranga

March 31, 2014/Engagement, Makaranga Gardens/No Comments

These are two of the sweetest people I have worked with in a long time and so happy to be together it was so cute.  Wyno was a little nervous of the morning and what he thought I would ask him to get up to but after a few laughs and a good chat, we… Read more »

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The cutest little ginger in town

March 10, 2014/Uncategorized/No Comments

So this is Gray, shes this little cutie I met once as a bump in her mums tum and then I got to meet her as a brand new little human and we met again as a 7 month old beauty.  We did the photos on the beach front to try and recreate some pictures… Read more »

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McCarthy Family

March 5, 2014/Uncategorized/No Comments

Bright summer days in Durban calls for water and lots and lots of laughter.  So much fun to get soaking wet with your sibling, Emily took her task very serious and Matt was exposed to the end of the hose pipe a couple times but never mind he made sure he got his sister back… Read more »

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Wessels Family

March 3, 2014/Uncategorized/No Comments

I always love my family shoots, I get to go and be a big goof for an hour and try all sorts of ways to get the kids to laugh, have fun and be themselves.  I always meet the coolest kids in town and I tell you what they end up making me laugh and… Read more »

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