May 2014

My Kids

May 23, 2014/personal/No Comments

You know that saying “the cobblers children never have shoes” I have days where I feel like I’m missing out on my children growing up, missing out on their beautiful smiles and little quirks because of work but every now and again we get the chance to spend some good quality time together, time I… Read more »

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Who doesn’t love big families

May 17, 2014/Durban Beach Front, Family/No Comments

What do you do when your family visits from overseas?  You of course get down to the beach and get your feet sandy.  Such a fun morning with this bunch of people. I’m a people watcher I could watch people all day and if it was ever a legitimate job I would be president!  Lucky… Read more »

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Kevin & Cindi’s wedding on Haycroft Farm

May 8, 2014/Kelly Daniels Wedding Photography/No Comments

I loved everything about this wedding, it was all home made and home grown and Kev & Cindi surrounded themselves with the people that matter most in their lives.Thats what your special day should be all about, your husband/wife, yourself and surrounding yourselves with the people you love, who come to witness and share in… Read more »

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Callum & Jade marry at The Cairn of Old Kilgobbin

May 1, 2014/Kelly Daniels Wedding Photography/No Comments

This wedding was one for the memory book, laid back, chilled and what a bunch of awesome people.  Callum & Jade were married at The Cairn of Old Kilgobbin, which is such a beautiful, beautiful venue and Carl, who basically does everything has a very keen eye to detail and has lovely little nicknack’s and… Read more »

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