My Kids

May 23, 2014/personal/No Comments

You know that saying “the cobblers children never have shoes” I have days where I feel like I’m missing out on my children growing up, missing out on their beautiful smiles and little quirks because of work but every now and again we get the chance to spend some good quality time together, time I… Read more »

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A little (late) update…

February 24, 2014/personal/No Comments

Okay so this is old news Mia is already 4 months old, but all you work from home moms out there will understand why I’m only blogging this announcement 4 months in.  This little beauty arrived on a Friday afternoon in October after a very long, long, long labor.  I had a relatively easy pregnancy… Read more »

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Brendan & Janine : Fun

February 12, 2013/Family, personal/No Comments

Brendan and Janine are two very special friends of ours, they live a long way aways but we do always love seeing them even though its not as often as we would all like, they are those type of friends that you always seem to pick up where you left off and we always have… Read more »

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Just cooperate…

June 18, 2011/Family, personal/No Comments

Why is it so hard to photograph your own children??? I mean come on I do this almost everyday with other peoples children you would think that when it comes to your child you would be able to pull out some pretty cool tricks! Its been a while since I have blogged but I have… Read more »

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Stacy & Gabi : Anytime

February 1, 2011/personal/No Comments

This is Stacy and Gabi, Stacy is my brother in law, my husbands youngest brother and Gabi is Stacy’s better half ;D They both live in the UK and were out in Feb to come and visit family and spend time in SA and of course to meet Stacy’s new niece, Jamie. We did these… Read more »

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Merry Christmas

December 25, 2010/Family, personal/1 Comment

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