Dean & Lia get married under the Zululand sky

April 25, 2014/Kelly Daniels Wedding Photography /No Comments

I have been dying to blog this wedding for so long now but things have been getting in my way, like a little surgery I had to go have to remove my gallbladder as I had a huge gallstone stuck in there and then my computer decided it would go on strike taking with all my recent edited work (don’t worry all originals are backed up safe and sound).  So two weeks later I am finally able to get these gorgeous photos from this wonderful wedding up.

This wedding took place on Dean’s parents farm, right on their front lawn of the house actually.  The ceremony took place down at the dam, where Dean and Lia have spent many hours walking dogs, training and fishing since moving to the farm.  So it was fitting for them to marry in their “yard”.

It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day the temperature was just right the sun was shining and everything fell into place.  We had the most gorgeous light for the creative photos, that I may or may not have taken a little longer to get them done as I just couldn’t resist the perfectness of everything.

I heard later that the party went on till 4am the next day and I could quite believe that everyone was there to celebrate these two and boy were they going to celebrate.

This is a long post with lots of photos so sit back and enjoy.

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