Fowlds kids

February 17, 2016/Family /No Comments

Once again I had the enormous privilege to photograph these guys again and what a treat, I got to meet their new tortoises and we played in the garden, ran around the house and just chilled with mom on the couch.  I really do love my sessions with these guys and it has been a real honor to have been able to see them grow.  Looking forward to our next one.KellyDanielsPhotography_0440 KellyDanielsPhotography_0441 KellyDanielsPhotography_0442 KellyDanielsPhotography_0443 KellyDanielsPhotography_0444 KellyDanielsPhotography_0445 KellyDanielsPhotography_0446 KellyDanielsPhotography_0447 KellyDanielsPhotography_0448 KellyDanielsPhotography_0449 KellyDanielsPhotography_0450 KellyDanielsPhotography_0451 KellyDanielsPhotography_0452 KellyDanielsPhotography_0453 KellyDanielsPhotography_0454 KellyDanielsPhotography_0455 KellyDanielsPhotography_0456 KellyDanielsPhotography_0457 KellyDanielsPhotography_0458 KellyDanielsPhotography_0460 KellyDanielsPhotography_0461

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