Mandy + Zi

January 28, 2019/Family, Umhlanga Beach/No Comments

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Dax + Michelle

November 12, 2018/Uncategorized/No Comments

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Jason + Kelly | at home

June 16, 2018/Wedding/No Comments

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Oliver + Casey | Zimbali

June 14, 2018/Wedding/No Comments

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Ian + Candy | Crystal Barn

May 7, 2018/Crystal Barn, Wedding/No Comments

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Ty + Jess | Brahman Hills

May 2, 2018/Brahman Hills, Wedding/No Comments

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Heath + Cally | Fordoun Hotel

August 16, 2017/Fordoun, Uncategorized/No Comments

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Jonty + Alex | The Hatchery

May 17, 2017/The Hatchery, Wedding/No Comments

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Mike + Arnica | Jex Estate, Part Two

April 24, 2017/Jex Estate/No Comments

Part two of this epic journey is of the christian ceremony and the P.A.R.T.Y. and boy do these guys know how to party! This second ceremony was held in the forest area at Jex estate, Arnica wore an exquisite dress created by Casey Jeanne.  Thank you to Claire for everyone’s amazing make up and to… Read more »

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Mike + Arnica | Jex Estate, Part One

April 23, 2017/Jex Estate/No Comments

This is going to be a very long post so I am going to split it into two parts but thats because Mike and Arnica’s wedding had two ceremonies and a whole lotta love. They were married at Jex estate and trust me when I say it was epic. Thier first ceremony was a traditional… Read more »

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