Rudi & Kriss engagement

April 30, 2014/Uncategorized /2 Comments

Sometimes I get to meet the most amazing, fun, down to earth people. I have been so lucky in that sense, Im yet to cross paths with a Bridezilla or a Diva or a Hustler ;).  Kriss & Rudi are two case in point people.  Super fun and super easy and SO SUPER into each other that I wondered a couple times on the shoot if I left quietly would they notice, ha ha I’m glad a didn’t because we managed to get some pretty cool photos if I do say so myself.

They are getting married up in Botha’s Hill in June and we went up and did a little scout of the surrounding area to find spots for the photos.  You guys its so pretty up there and so many lovely little spots for photos and if you time it right the light is amazing too.  Anyway enough about the light and my photos look at Kriss’ ring its beautiful and so different and I like different and Kriss and Rudi you are my kinda different, cant wait for your wedding.

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