Vintage Vineyard Styled Shoot

April 4, 2014/Abingdon Wine Estate, Kelly Daniels Wedding Photography /13 Comments

My very first styled shoot and boy was it AMAZING!  Eileen from BrightGirl, Casey from PhotoCase and I decided that we too wanted to jump on the styled shoot train and collaborate together and create something beautiful to shoot it in our own way and of course get together and have fun while doing what we love.  It took us a while to get this off the ground, we all had babies and bigger kids in between but one day a little phone call to my dear friend of like a million years, Tammy from Midlands Stretch Tents got us all excited again and the ball started to roll.
The most amazing venue was secured, Abingdon Wine Estate hosted us and Jane provided us with the most magnificent lunch and wine of course, we couldn’t not have wine on a wine estate.
Next all the vendors where emailed and everyone we contacted was on board we set a date and bam it all happened and we had such a wonderful time doing it and spending time with everyone.
We also landed two of the HOTTEST brides yet and real brides, real girls and real good looking girls too who came with equally good looking husbands, win!  Warren and Ché our first gorgeous couple, some of you may already know Ché from her awesome blog Indieberries. She is hilarious has some of the funniest doodles and drawings and if you haven’t read any of her funny fun facts yet go and do yourself a favor and while you there you’ll see how much those two bunnies love each other.
Andrew and Keri, were our other beautiful couple and let me just tell you how lucky we were we landed these two busy people.  Keri is also a blogger, Midlands Musings and an amazing, insightful, genuine and funny writer, her blogs will get you thinking and she writes so beautifully you can’t help but get pulled into every word.
Both the girls make up was done by the lovely Kym from Kym & Me Hair and Make up.  Thank you Kym for your hard work and making the ladies beautiful. It showed in their confidence with us for the rest of the day.
The Dresses were supplied by Stacey from The Love Bucket, just Ché jumped back into her own dress for the first half of the shoot.  Stacey also helped us create the love sign and the guys boutonnieres and she cut and tied and strung and and and, Thank you Stacey you are definitely a girl of many talents. Stacey also happens to be married to the talented chap we had as our videographer, Wes from The Shank Tank  he created this beautiful video, Click here, check out how much emotion is in just a styled shoot imagine if he was filming your wedding day.
The cake, oh my word lets just talk about that cake for a bit, Taryn from The Smiths Bake Shop made a delicious vanilla sponge with a raspberry filling and white chocolate ganache, heaven and even better we got to eat it after the shoot. Taryn also made the little cupcakes too.
The beautiful stationary we received came from the lovely hard working girls at Glee Projects, Gitta and Liezel are a wonderful team and you should really get hold of them if you looking for some beautiful personal stationary.
Oh and all the styling was a group effort and decor was borrowed and stolen from cupboards, family, friends and a couple items from Jane’s lovely collection right in the Abingdon kitchen.
Now for my turn, these are a few favorites from the day, enjoy.



Here are some behind the scene photos of our yummy lunch and all the instagramming going on and the fun and silliness we all had together.I also want to thank Tammy for rescuing me and looking after my smallest, who had to come along with us for the shoot as my plans with a babysitter fell through at the last minute, I couldn’t have carried on if you had not helped.

The service providers involved are:
Liesel & Birgitta – Glee Projects
Stacey – Love Bucket
Make up & Hair:
Kym – Kym & me
Taryn – Smiths Bake shop
Wes – The shank tank
And last but not least our two lovely and willing brides
Ché – Indiberries and

13 Responses to “Vintage Vineyard Styled Shoot”

    • Kel

      Ah Nicola, I cant wait for your wedding now, I just want to shoot at Abingdon forever 😉 how the plans going?

    • Nicola Giliam

      We were there yesterday for lunch and (lots) of wine tasting which was wonderful! Plans are coming along well I think!! Yay see you soon!

  1. cleverbirdbanter.com

    Kelly – I’m a friend of Keri and Che and these pics are choking me up majorly – the whole team did such an amazing job, seriously stunning – well done!

    • Kel

      Thank you, what lovely girls they are we were so glad to have gotten them on board!! Laugh a minute I tell you

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